The easy road to getting car insurance when  you have had an accident  or conviction…

Lets face it, most of us have an accident during our driving lifetime some serious enough to warrant a conviction but we still need our cars insured and still we don’t have an endless budget to pay for it. Rollins insurance brokers in Belfast has negotiated a deal with AIG insurance to offer not only drivers with convictions but also young and elderly drivers

car bumpcompetitive rates. This includes unemployed drivers, commercial travellers who do high mileage and drivers with high performance, modified or imported vehicles. The principle is simple, if Rollins insurance is able to help you get your car insured under difficult circumstances then, we hope that will encourage drivers to stick with Rollins car Insurance when the road ahead is somewhat smoother!

Car insurance for drivers young and old

Figures show 26% of accidents involve at least one young car driver aged 17-24 most occurring on a friday or Saturday night and as many as one in five drivers has an accident in their first year of driving.  Clearly younger drivers are at risk and are in need of comprehensive insurance solutions. Older drivers too can encounter difficulties buying car insurance as once you reach a certain age many insurers will only offer policies to existing customers and some have upper age limits. Generally speaking insurers don’t ask older drivers for evidence that they are fit to drive unless they have had a crash -although you may be required to answer additional questions about your health. Crucially from age 70 you are obliged to renew your driving licence every three years While this requires a declaration that you are still fit to drive, no medical is required provided you remain in good health and don’t’ start accumulating motoring offences or accident claims. So there is no reason why you should not go on motoring into your nineties if you want to allowing elderly drivers the freedom to go shopping, to travel to social engagements and generally to enjoy their personal freedom.

Drink Driving offences

If you have a drink driving offence it will almost certainly lead to a significant increase in your car insurance. A 50 year old driver for example could face a 121% rise in premiums, the increase varies according to the age of the driver with younger drivers being hit the hardest. A younger driver could see their car insurance rise by as much as 53% on an already high premium.

With the onset of summer it’s tempting to have the odd beer or glass of wine at a barbecue in the sunshine but is essential you don’t get behind the wheel yourself. It can lead to points on your license, a fine of up to to £5,000, a 12 month driving ban and even a prison sentence. This makes it difficult to find and insurance provider to offer cover at a reasonable price. Rollins insurance has negotiated with AIG one of the largest insurance companies in the world to provide a more understanding solution for drivers who need insurance after a drink driving offence or accident.

Did you know the nature of your job can affect your car insurance by up to 25%?minor car collision for insurance claim

It seems strange but many insurers place emphasis on drivers professions as well as their driving experience when it comes to quotes. For example a window cleaner is judged to be more accident prone than say a school bursar. The difference in insurance premiums can be thousands. For example a window cleaner was quoted £4,607 whilst a school Bursar was quoted just £372 despite them insuring the same care in the same post code. Of course other factors including drivers age, the type of car and driving history are still considered but it is also possible to legally tweak your job title to affect your car insurance favourably. You cannot lie of course which, would be fraud and make your insurance void but you can tweak the title of your profession. For example a Photographer changed their job title from Wedding Photographer to studio photographer and saved £120! Equally there is nothing wrong with calling yourself a builder if you are a bricklayer in order to get a cheaper deal.

So whilst most people like an impressive sounding job title it mauy not work in your favour when searching for a car insurance quote! (Call Rollins insurance for advice on getting the best quote based on your profession)