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A basket of Rollins financial services for retirement & investment

Rollins Financial Services are independent Financial Advisers, (part of RB Financial Planning). They have over 20 years experience offering professional, straight forward financial advice to benefit our clients finances to ensure that all  their financial needs are met. Some of our services are shown below for  you to browse but if you would like to discuss your circumstances in more detail, please don’t hesitate to call 02890 423 555.

Life Assurance

Protecting you and your family against life’s uncertainties.

retired-couple-with-grandchildNot a subject any of us like to discuss but a great way to give you peace of mind, should the worst happen! It’s bad enough that you have to deal with the loss of a loved one but you don’t want the added stress of extra financial worries.

Life Assurance is also commonly referred to as life insurance, mortgage protection, term assurance, life cover, death cover, family cover, funeral cover or even a death policy!

Some people are of the opinion that it is only for people with families to protect, or mortgages to protect. In actual fact we have seen more and more single people taking out low level cover to ensure their parents or partner are left without any debt should the worst happen.

It is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to actually have something to leave behind in your estate to provide for your loved ones financially even after you are gone! Lets face it there are very few of us that have plenty of money tucked away to cope with the financialA happy retired couple who have invested wisely loss of a partner! Did you know that the benefit is currently paid tax free? That’s right under current legislation the government does not get a penny and it all goes to your family, loved one, named beneficiary.

The majority of us have life assurance in connection with mortgages but it is important that you review this on a regular basis. We will not be influenced by price alone! We check the financial strength of the company especially in the current economic climate. We will also look at their paid claims history, why pay the premiums if there is a chance the company will not pay the claim? You may be surprised to know that the providers customer service standard is also important to us!

At Rollins we pride ourselves in our extensive knowledge of the markets and constantly strive to find the best cover at a competitive price.

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Income Protection

What happens if I can’t work because of an accident or illness?

Everyone’s worst nightmare!

You can’t work but the mortgage/rent is still due, food and clothes still have to be bought!Health insurance -pic of doctor with a child

Ask yourself the following questions

1.        Can my partner/spouses salary alone cover our outgoings?

2.        Do I have enough savings to support me indefinitely?

3.        Can I survive on £100.15 a week ( current state provision after a qualifying period and assessment)

If you have answered YES then congratulations, you must be in a great financial position and why are you not looking at our investments section?

The reality for most of us would be a NO to at least 1 of those questions if not all.Rollins Business Insurance with AIG

Income protection may provide financial peace of mind if you are ill or injured.

Scarily the Health and Safety Executive have reported that 85% of the UK working population has NO disability cover.

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Possibly the biggest purchase of your life.

Rollins mortgage advice with model house and cashThe financial market is swamped with companies making various different introductory offers. The offers themselves are very appealing and attractive but whatRollins home insurance and mortgages about the small print?

At Rollins our mortgage experts do the small print reading for you. We have access to the full market and will search tirelessly for the best deal available with no hidden surprises.

If for example, you have arranged your mortgage with your bank or building society the adviser that you spoke to is tied to specific products. He or she can only recommend mortgages or life products sold by the bank or building society that they work for. Because we are independent we have access to all high street banks / building societies, mortgage only companies and specialist providers, literally hundreds of deals. Why would you not give yourself the best chance possible to secure the best deal for you?

Your home is at risk if you don’t keep up your repayments. Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. There will be a fee for mortgage advice and the precise amount will depend on your individual circumstances. We would estimate this to be around £250.

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Retirement Planning

Do you have a plan for your retirement?

retirement golferIt’s estimated that this very question pops into the mind of everyone working at least once a month. Many a discussion has been had about playing more golf, traveling more, spending time with the grand kids, the list is endless.Rollins planning Retirement holiday

Typically our days are expected to follow this pattern before and during retirement. If you don’t make the right provisions now while your earning it could be a very long and boring retirement!

Don’t forget, recent reports from the government and the office of national statistics indicate that we are living longer due to a healthier lifestyle and advances in medicine.

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Are you lucky enough to have some spare cash?

You have worked hard to earn and save your money with a view to putting it to good use in the future. We all save for different reasons, better cars, starting a family, children’s education or a luxury hoRollins investment guidanceliday. Whatever your reason for saving, you may choose to put it in an investment.

In the current financial climate the word investment tends to conjure up images of stock markets and let’s be honest a bit of fear.


It doesn’t have to be that way!

In basic terms an investment is putting money into something with the expectation of a gain after a set term and that has been thoroughly analysed and has a high degree of security.

family and grandparents on holiday on a boatYou didn’t choose to gamble with your money and neither will we. We offer tax efficient savings products, to low and higher risk investment products depending on your own circumstances and attitude to risk.

Fluctuations in the market can cause your investment to go up and down and some investments carry a greater risk than others.

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Retirement Income

Retiring soon?

newly retired coupleThe day has finally arrived; you’re going to be retiring soon. You probably have a calendar on the wall were you are counting down your last working days. The year and certainly the 6 months pre your retirement is very important. You will hear from the company that your pension is with (your pension provider) giving details of what you can expect to receive as an income in your retirement.

At Rollins we are committed to helping you maximise your retirement income.

Simply put an annuity is a one off purchase that determines your income for the rest of your life. They are as individual as you are. They have features that can be added and tailored to your specific needs. Each feature or option has an effect on the income you receive so it’s important to consider your spouse or dependents arrangements.

Open Market Option

If you remember nothing else please remember this. Don’t accept the first offer and shop around. You have worked hard to save into your pension fund and you owe it to yourself to use your open market option to get the most competitive rate. It can boost your income.

Impaired Life or Enhanced Annuities

Did you know when purchasing your annuity it’s about one of the only times in financial product shopping that it pays to be in ill health. Being overweight, a smoker, being on certain medications to having diabetes are a few of the common complaints that insurance companies consider will reduce your life expectancy. By completing a medical questionnaire which is sent to the companies underwriting department will check eligibility for a higher rate.

You also have the option to delay your annuity purchase or take your benefits in stages by purchasing a fixed term annuity or phased retirement. Your circumstances change throughout your lifetime and insurance companies are realising this could be the same in retirement.

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Inheritance Tax Planning

Retired couple planning inheritanceEveryone is aware of the major fluctuations in the property market. The previous rises in house prices could mean that more people are finding themselves potentially liable for Inheritance Tax.

What is Inheritance Tax Planning?

If you die and your estate is worth more than £325,000 for the tax year 2013/14 Inheritance Tax (IHT) is payable at 40%. Would we be right in saying that you would prefer to leave that to someone you care about instead?

Chart showing an economic downturnAt Rollins we can help you with Inheritance Tax Planning to minimise or avoid any possible payment of Inheritance Tax Planning. You may feel that you have all bases covered already but it is impossible to predict what will happen in the future. An unexpected inheritance from a relative, increase in inflation or increase in house prices could have an impact on the value of your estate.

There are several ways to protect against the effects of Inheritance Tax Planning. The simplest being making a will. It is the first step to making sure your estate is shared out exactly as you want when you die. For more information please contact us at Rollins Financial Services where we will be happy to discuss planning ahead to leave more behind… Tel:02890 423 555 


Business Protection

Are you a Business Owner?

business-ownerRunning your own business may leave you little time to consider your financial future but what would you do if a critical illness such as a heart attack or stroke, forced you to be absent from work for a period of weeks or months.

  • Could you afford to maintain your lifestyle?
  • Could your business continue to exist?


These days, more and more people survive critical illnesses and recover – only to find that their livelihood has suffered in the meantime.

If the worst should happen and your business is not fully protected, your family could be left without enough money to pay the day to day expenses. Chances are that you have covered the tangible assets of your business, such as the buildings, machinery and even vehicles. But have you protected yourself?

And what about the people who keep your business running; those who are key to the continued success of your business? Do you have an employee whose continued absence might seriously impact your business’ profits?

Whether it’s for you, your business partner, or even a key employee, it’s important that you think about Business Protection. Business Protection is a way of protecting your business in the event that you, a key person, partner or director should die or be diagnosed with a critical illness. It helps to ensure your business can continue trading without that person there.

You’re in safe hands!

Rollins Financial Services is a Trading name of Ralston Bennett Financial Planning Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 

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Relevant Life Plans

Rollins life insurance

Why not let the tax man pay for your life assurance?

A Relevant Life Plan is an individual  ‘death in service’  life policy. It is a highly tax efficient way of removing the tax penalty if you are currently providing life assurance as a ‘benefit in kind’ or paying from your post-tax income. It is taken by the company for any employee – including Directors.

  • Payments are made by the company with no benefit in kind charge back to you
  • No National Insurance implications
  • Tax free benefits to your dependents
  • Tax deductible as business expense against Corporation Tax

 A Relevant Life Plan could result in significant savings for a business when compared with a typical life policy. Premiums could be reduced by up to 49%.




New legislation and regulations requiring all employers to contribute to a qualifying pension plan started being phased in from October 2012.

The auto enrolment rules are complicated and onerous. In addition to the cost of extra pension contributions, duties for employers include extensive communication and record keeping. There are heavy financial penalties for failing to comply with throllins-retirement-signe legislation.

Many employers operate no pension plan at all for any or the overwhelming majority of their employees and they are going to find the new legislation an expensive challenge.

A Business Challenge That Must Be Taken Very Seriously

 We have a solution for our corporate clients which can take away the compliance risk, guide you through the employer requirements and free up your time to get on with running your business.

To find out when your ‘staging date’ is and what you will have to do, contact us for a consultation on 02890 423 555