Rollins offers an insurance discount for golf club members …

 Rollins Insurance has accumulated vast experience with insurance for Sports and Social Clubs and their members. Consequently it is offering a special insurance discount for golf club members.Rollins Insurance sponsor the Ulster cup Golf tournament in Belfast

Rollins relationship with the Northern Ireland Federation of Clubs began over 25 years ago when it was difficult for various Clubs to obtain reasonable insurance quotations. Rollins took the time to understand the Clubs’ insurance dilemma with legislation controls and the way Clubs operate. As the Insurance Brokers of choice for many different types of Clubs throughout Northern Ireland, Rollins subsequently became recognised as the market leader for Sports and Social Clubs.

A Special Relationship with Ulster Branch Golfing Union of Ireland

 As a result of Rollins Insurance’s successful track record with Clubs, a relationship grew with Golf Clubs and a special facility was developed. When approached by the president of the GUI, Rollins were only too happy to reciprocate the relationship with sponsorship of a tournament to celebrate the true golfing stalwarts, the higher handicappers with boundless enthusiasm and great pride in their golf club.The Ulster 4 ball competition is to offer these unsung hero’s the opportunity to represent their club in competitive matches against other Clubs in the Provence.

The format is a team of 10 playing Better Ball, home and away, against other Clubs in Ulster. Over 70 Clubs now participate with the competition lasting throughout the summer. Competitors must be aged over 35 with a handicap of 17 or higher. The winning Club receives the coveted Ulster Four Ball Pennant which is then permanently displayed in their Clubhouse.

Insurance discount for golf club members 

As a result of it’s sporting specialisation, Rollins Insurance developed a special relationship with AIG, particularly as AIG has sponsored the GUI for over 10 years! One of the largest Insurance Companies in the world AIG in conjunction with Rollins Insurance is able to offer sports club members (i.e. Tennis, Bowling, Sailing, Clay pigeon shooting) in Northern Ireland preferential rates.  Rollins insurance sponsor Golf trophy So if you are a sports club member and would like to capitalise on the preferential insurance discount for golf club members … don’t play around enter the special code Rollins15 on your quotation form. And don’t forget to ask about Rollins Car or Home insurance rates too!